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Bubba Tuna (AA+)

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**Medium to Smaller Buds**


Bubba Tuna is an indica dominant strain from a cross of Bubba Kush and Tuna Family. This indica has a musty, earthy, coffee, gas smell and taste and provides a strong body buzz that will leave you stuck to your sofa.

Bubba Kush X Tuna Kush =    Bubba Tuna

Tuna Kush

Tuna Kush marijuana strain is an Indica dominant that hails from Canada. The genetic origins of the Tuna Kush cannabis strain are unknown. breeders of these kush are unknown. This herb is considered one of the most potent on the market. Tuna Kush cannabis plants grow small, dense buds that are drenched in resin. This marijuana plant is not recommended for outdoor cultivation, as it reeks of skunk and diesel during flowering time. Tuna Kush marijuana is good for night and evening time use due to its sedative properties. Tuna Kush marijuana induces mild body buzz. Relieves depression and stress, uplifts mood. Followed by deep sedation and sleep. Helps with pain and insomnia, relieves inflammation, stimulates appetite.


Bubba Kush

The cannabis strain Bubba Kush is a popular indica with a smell and flavour that’s both fruity and earthy, having a coffee-like aftertaste. Its large buds are a deep purple; eggplant in colour with forest green leaves. The genetic lineage of Bubba Kush is unknown but believed to be of Afghani descent. An OG Kush hybrid cross-bred with an unknown indica in 1996, and the strain has since emerged as a well-known and liked strain. Its THC level averages 14%, making this a good strain for novice consumers looking for a relaxing high. However, some crops have tested to have up to 25% so be sure to look at the THC content before purchasing and consuming. Bubba Kush tends to induce soothing yet powerful relaxation throughout the body along with a slightly euphoric mindset. It can help with insomnia and muscle tension, so consumption should be done in the evening and at night time. Bubba Kush is known to relieve most cases of nausea as well as increasing appetite, so expect munchies and to become couch-locked. The negative aspect of this strain includes bloodshot eyes and cottonmouth. Some reviewers have reported headaches two to three hours after consumption due to consuming too much. Bubba Kush can be grown by beginners – indoors, outdoors, or in a greenhouse while naturally being resistant to most pests and moulds.

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