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Cali-bubba (AA)

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Cali Bubba Kush is a indica dominant hybrid (70% indica/30% sativa) crossed between Bubba Kush and Cali Kush. Wildly popular with a moderately high and powerful THC level averaging between 17-24%, making this the ultimate fan favourite among many connoisseurs.

Cali Bubba embodies small to medium elongated buds with deep vibrant orange and green hairs that almost look grey from a distance with heavy frosty coats of crystal trichomes all over.

The aroma of Cali Bubba is like an alluring sweet fruity candy, with a lingering hint of coffee and a musky, herby hashy note, delivering a rich flavour profile.

Cali Bubba may aid in alleviating many ailments such as chronic stress or pain, insomnia, depression and stimulates the appetite so be sure to have some snacks prepared! Induces full relaxation for the mind and body, putting any anxious vibrations at ease and diminishing of any negative thoughts, allowing the indica dominant effects to take your brain through to cloud9.

It is the prime choice for late afternoon or nighttime use, especially for first time consumers as the high potency and sedative effects may leave you couch-locked. The high hits you with an uplifting euphoria that effectively elevates ones mood, followed by a body buzz that relaxes your every muscle from head to toe.

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7G (Quarter OZ), 14G (Half OZ), 28G (OZ), 112G (Quarter LBS), 224G (Half LBS), 448G (Full LBS)


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