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Do-Si-do (AA+)

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 Indica Dominant Hybrid 70% Indica / 30% Sativa

THC: 28% – 30%

Do-Si-Dos is a hybrid predominantly indica (70% indica/30% sativa) strain created through crossing the potent parent strain Girl Scout Cookies with Face Off OG. Named for the favourite Girl Scout Cookies and has become widely popular in today’s market. Do-Si-Do has a sweet, soothing addicting minty cookie flavour that you will not be able to get enough of. Please take precautions as with its extremely powerful 28-30% THC level, it is easy to overdo it, so please proceed with caution. The unique funky smell of Do-Si-Do is just as intoxicating as the flavour, with a sweet and minty satisfying aroma that’s accented by fresh lime and pine, almost like a fermented odour. When combusted, the scent can give a harsh, acrid smoke. Once you get past the alluring flavour, the powerful effects of it are just as addicting as it is what gives most consumers its appeal. The Do-Si-Do high will hit you fast and inevitably hard so be prepared to have a cerebral rush of euphoric energy that only lasts for a few moments before transitioning into a happy stoney introspection. It is definitely not recommended for first time users if you have a low tolerance or is prone to paranoia. As your mind falls into a deep relaxation and a warming body vibrational buzz, you will initially feel it first flowing down your spine before extending through your limbs, leaving you helplessly and effectively sedated and eventually immobilized in a couch-locked position as the high progressively increases through every exhale. It may open up your creativity avenues and promote deep brainstorming. You will want to be in a chill atmosphere as that is all you will desire to be, debilitating and the opposite of agitation. Although in the right setting, sexual activities will be amplified as you will be feeling every vibration and buzz in your body giving you a more heightened experience thus leaving you lusting and highly aroused. This is best enjoyed in the evening, great way to end your busy hectic day. In light of these hard-hitting effects, Do-Si-Do is very potent and is a pungent strain, renowned to be perfect for the experienced consumer and to aid in most ailments such as ones suffering from conditions of insomnia, chronic illnesses, chronic pain, nausea, and troubling symptoms of stress and depression. The anti-inflammatory properties may alleviate everyday irritations and is a fantastic pain relief. Do-Si-Do buds embodies conical olive green nugs with bright amber hairs, entrancing purple leaves, and a sticky coating of sweet syrupy heavy resin that coats each and every bright frosty white trichome.

Side effects to be prepared for are dry/itchy eyes and dry mouth (also known as cottonmouth) which are common side effects to just about every and any cannabis strain.

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14G (Half OZ), 28G (OZ), 112G (Quarter LBS), 224G (Half LBS), 448G (Full LBS)

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