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Platinum Girl Scout Cookies 0.5g Pre-roll Joints

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Advantages of using pre rolls

Though some marijuana smokers complain that pre-rolls are making the art of joint rolling extinct, there is no denying that they provide certain unique advantages which are very significant for our fast, modern lifestyles.

• Easy and quick method

The best thing about a pre roll is that it is undoubtedly the easiest, quickest and the most convenient method to smoke weed. The joint is premade, so you don’t need to take the trouble of crushing the buds and wrapping it in a rolling paper. This means that pre rolls are great time savers.

• High-quality joints

Rolling a joint that not only looks cool but also burns well is not easy at all! It takes lots of experience and skill to make a joint that is not too tight or loose. Pre rolls are perfect, evenly rolled joints that burn slow and steady. You won’t find any seeds or stalks in your joint and there will be no sticky resin in your fingers. If you spend moderately, the rolling paper is usually good quality and so is the filter.

• No additional setup required

Pre rolls ensure that you don’t require various paraphernalia like bong, pipe, rig, vape pen etc. to get a marijuana high. Just go to your local cannabis vendor, buy a disposable, pre-rolled joint and you can start smoking instantly. Due to its unintimidating appearance and decent sizes, they are perfect for parties and travels.

• Low Cost

Compared to other methods of marijuana consumption, pre rolls cost less. There are cheap pre rolls that will cost you only $5. The low price and the option of buying a single joint give you a unique advantage: now you can try as many strains as you want! You don’t need to spend a lot of money in buying a variety of cannabis strains in grams. Just get a pre-roll of the cannabis strain that you want to try.

• Consistent high

As pre rolls contain a pre-determined amount of weed, it is easy to maintain consistency with consumption. You always know how much you are going to consume and how much of a high you can get from that. This makes it easy to determine how much you need to buy.

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